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Healthy Reading Challenge – March 2016

Healthy Living Reading Challenge - March 2016 | Inner Savvy Wellness

How are you doing on reading for the Healthy Living Reading Challenge?

Another month is almost gone. One fourth of 2016 is almost in the history books.  The weather is constantly changing.  We have had weather of 70+ degrees and as low as in the single digits.  We have had sun and gorgeous days. We have had 50+ mph winds and 4 inches of snow.  Spring in North Dakota.

For the Healthy Living Reading Challenge I chose a book about a specific concern…toxicity.  As I continue my health journey I have started to focus on reducing toxicity inputs into my body.  So I moved down the list of books to read and chose Suzanne Sommer’s book Tox-Sick: From Toxic To Not Sick.

Some of you may remember Suzanne from the 1970s show, Three’s Company. In the show, she played a ditzy blonde. Since then, Suzanne has had cancer, had several members of her family sick, was considered an exercise guru and has built a successful natural care products business, plus more. She is looking good, lives a healthy, energetic life in her late 60s.

I wanted a book to start learning about toxicity, and this seemed to fit the bill. Suzanne writes about her family members dealing with mold and Lyme disease. I enjoyed the personal stories.  She also interviewed several doctors and experts in the alternative healing world regarding the gut, heart, brain, and hormones. At the end of each interview, she sums up the different remedies that may help in that area of your body. It isn’t specific but fuel for more research to learn more.  Then Suzanne finishes the book with what she considers a protocol for healthy living and detoxing.

This book was interesting and kept me wanting to read, but if you are looking forin-depthepth study on any of these areas, this is not it.  It is a beginning.  Each interview wet my appetite to learn more.  If you want a beginning book on toxicity, I would read this book.

Favorite quotes:

The late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. page 98: “…every food I eat, every food choice I make, I do based on what’s best for my body.  People are more concerned about the fuel they put into their cars than they are about what they put into their own bodies.  It astonishes me. Not many think about food as fuel, yet our body ‘engines’ are so much more sophisticated than the most sophisticated cars, and food is its fuel. Our bodies are the most extraordinary engines on earth, yet people in general still do not make the connection between the fuel we put into our mouths as food, and how well or poorly our bodies will function.” I found my saying a big YES out loud.  I am not there, but this is what I strive for…to use food as fuel and not as comfort or for celebrations, but as something that fuels my engine.

Eating food to which you are intolerant is like consuming poison for your particular body.” page 115.  This is why I encourage people to do an elimination diet to learn to listen to your body and notice any reactions a food might cause.


This month my local healthy living book club read The Blue Zones: 9 Lessons for Living Longer by Dan Buettner.  This book is about research done at four locations around the world which have a larger than normal centenarian populations. Mr. Buettner was hoping to glean knowledge from those older than 100 as to the keys to longevity.  It is filled with stories and quotes by those who reached 100.

The last chapter gives 9 lessons Mr. Buettner gleaned from his research such as Move Naturally, Take Time to Relieve Stress, Make Family a Priority and my favorite, Hara Hachi Bu.  This is roughly translated into eat until you are 80% full.  Okinawans say this before eating to remind themselves not to eat too much.  There are several great lessons, but this is the one I have been working on.  Trying to find a way to remind myself of this great saying.

A few favorite quotes:

“In traditional Asian thought, the highest, most honored form of medicine was prevention, and the lowest was treatment.” page 69.  This is what I am trying to do in my life now, prevent further decline, if not healing my body of its ailments, naturally.

Kamada of the Okinawa Blue Zone replied to the question, “What’s the secret to living to age 102?” “…It comes from not worrying so much about your own problems.  Sometimes you can best take care of yourself by taking care of others. Eat your vegetables, have a positive outlook, be kind to people, and smile.” page 85.  To this I say, YES!.  This is why I emphasize self-care so much.

Read the book for more wisdom and the rest of the lessons.

Do you have any words of wisdom to living a long life while being healthy and feeling your best?

In the comments tell me which book you read this month?


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  1. Kylie McGraw says:

    I’m trying to read (aka listen to…it’s an audiobook) “After You” by JoJo Moyes because I read her first book, but I can’t quite pay attention this time! I love your checklist of books to read. That’s an awesome way to get a bunch of different reads in!

    • Karen says:

      HI Kylie, After You is on my list too because I enjoyed her first as well. I have heard it isn’t quite as good, but still want to read it some day. Keep reading (listening). Thanks for stopping by and letting me know what you are reading.

  2. Savvy says:

    I like this challenge – I attempted something similar to this last year, but didn’t stick with it. Now I’m trying to read 200 nonfiction books.

  3. Marissa says:

    Very interesting reading topics. I love seeing the updates on your challenge. Thank you for sharing with #TheCozyReadingSpot

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