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Are you Waiting for “But When… to Change Your Health?”

What are you waiting for?  Why isn’t your health a priority?  Read about scheduling health priorities here.

Take the Step

I read an interesting blog post, “But When” The Moment that Changes Everything at SheReads.org.  If you haven’t been around long, you may not know that I love to read. I follow several Book Bloggers. The post is about how things change for a character in a book when the author gives them a “But When”.  If you love to read you might find the blog post quite interesting.

When I saw the words “But When”, I didn’t think of a book, but about health.  Many of us are waiting for the “But When” to change our habits around health.

Waiting for But When

But when she was diagnosed with diabetes, she realized she had to change her eating and watch her sugar intake.

But when she was told she had high blood pressure, she decided she needed to make movement and exercise a priority.

But when she was told she had chronic fatigue syndrome, she knew sleep needed to be a priority in order to function, work, and be able to be a good wife and mother.

But when she was finally diagnosed with GERD, she realized that she should have known what she was eating was making her stomach hurt and something feel like it was stuck in her throat. She wondered why she didn’t try to make changes to what she ate a lot sooner. Why did she wait for a diagnosis or for a white coat to tell her she would be on medication for the rest of her life?  Why wait? (That was me.)

The fear and confusion that comes with not feeling well can be paralyzing.  The fear that we have to change something. The confusion of where do we start.  Both keep us doing what we have always been doing when it comes to what we eat, how much we move, how we handle stress and how much of a priority we put on sleep.  I remember how I felt.  It seemed easier to keep doing what I was doing and wait to be told what to do.

The interesting thing for me was that I was waiting for a diagnosis to change my life, but the only thing I was told to do after my GERD/Barrett’s Esophagus was to go on pills. (PPIs) To medicate to suppress the symptoms. There was no advice on how to change my health, just to manage it. It took research and having many trials and errors to figure out how to change my health and feel better.  It took frustration and determination.  I felt alone. It seemed like no one else was dealing with what I was dealing with.  But I was wrong.

As I spoke out about my health and went back to school to learn to help others, (so they wouldn’t feel alone) I kept finding people being silent about their illness, their fatigue, their stomach aches, or a host of other health problems.  Most of us have something that is causing us to live less than an optimally healthy life or to age quickly. Why?  Why are we waiting for a diagnosis to make the changes we should make.

What Are You Waiting For?

What is your “But when”? What are you waiting for in order to take control of your health?  What “But When” will have to happen to make you realize that you are the only one that can change your health and your life.  Yes, you need a team to help you, but you have to do the work.  If you don’t, the “But When” will come, and then you will be forced to make changes or go on medication for the rest of your life.

Don’t wait for that “But When”, create your own. Don’t wait for the doctor to diagnose a condition like an author creates a “But When”.

Get ahead of your “But When” or make reading this blog post your “But When”.

“But when I read this blog post, I decided today was the day.  I am not waiting. I am going to confront the fear and the confusion head on and do something.”

Comment below on what is it that you are going to do.

Schedule a Healthy Results Strategy Phone Session with me.  I will help you clarify your health goals and encourage you to take the steps you need to look and feel better.  There will be no pressure.  I only work with motivated women who are ready to change their health and who are a good fit for what I do.  Schedule your call today.

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  1. helloredds says:

    Hey Karen,

    What a great ministry/business you have! I love that you are helping us girls over the age of 40! It’s like everything starts to need extra attention at this stage.

    I think you will help many people!

    I found your post on 100 Days, and I’m glad to find your site.

    I’ll stop by again for a visit~

    • Karen G says:

      Health issues can take years to develop. You may be developing a health problem, but your body is compensating and so you don’t have symptoms. So yes, it is so important to take care of your health.

  2. patricemfoster says:

    Great information to share with friends and family so many time we are so busy helping others that we forget the most important person is ourselves. Thanks for sharing.

    • Karen G says:

      Please do share with friends and family. The health of the USA as well as world is declining. It is a major problem. Each one of us can make a difference in our own lives and then a ripple affect can happen.

    • Karen G says:

      Have you planned out some healthy snacks, like nuts and seeds, vegetables or fruit, nut butters (I eat a scoop out of the jar.) or coconut flakes and frozen berries. It will help you when you get the snacking urge. The other thing to do is look at your breakfast. A good breakfast of healthy fats and proteins will help you kick those sugar cravings.

  3. Karen G says:

    Would love to hear what a typical breakfast of yours is? If you are struggling with will power, it may be things throughout the day that you are having to make choices on that is depleting your willpower. As you think about it, what else can you plan into your even for self-care that would help you feel like you can relax but without food….a bath, reading a good book, a walk, etc.

  4. Guilty! I’m such a “But when…” thinker when it comes to my health. I’ve struggled with some recurring pain and physical weakness recently. I keep waiting to be told what to do/how to handle it/what to change. You’ve turned my attitude around quite a bit! I shouldn’t be waiting. I should be trying things myself. Thanks for the motivation!
    Thanks for sharing this with the 100 Happy Days linkup! We’re so glad you’ve linked up with us there. 🙂

  5. Erica MacDonald RN (@Writer_EricaMac) says:

    I think most people have been guilty of this (myself included). I think we are so caught up in the craziness of life we put important things off. I did this with some health issues. Now I deeply regret it. Hind sight is 20/20, the goal is to have the foresight to head issues off at the pass.

    • Karen G says:

      Yes, it is so easy to put things off. Guilt or disbelief that it will happen to you when you are barely getting by. My mission is to help women take charge of their own health. Not to wait. I hope you are able to manage if not, alleviate the symptoms of your health issues.

  6. carolee44 says:

    I like your blog a lot and always happy to see people writing about staying healthy pro actively. Keep up the great work.

  7. Sabrina Q. says:

    Great point! Why do we do that? “But when” this happens, we will do this. I think we should do it right when we are aware of it. Too much thinking stops us. I know many people who put things off until they get sick and tired of it and then contact me to help them get out of their messy life because it is too overwhelming. We are habitual people so we can handle a lot of mess for a long period of time. Some of my clients have been dealing with clutter for over 5 years without doing anything about it. So sad. Thanks for sharing.

    • Karen G says:

      Yes, we should do “it” when we are aware of it, but there can be many things from mental, emotional and physical that creates barriers. The key is to find something or someone to help you crush those barriers when you are aware. Like me as a health coach or you as someone that helps with clutter.

  8. rozbeads says:

    I am a “But When” especially around food & health, exercise. And it caught up with me. Working with someone to be consistent in my food choices. My issue is nite time nibbling. Also need to move the body. I have many people to support my goals. I just need to be committed.

  9. I have had several ‘but when’ moments…when my rheumatoid arthritis stopped me in my tracks, when my business was floundering during the economic crash, and a few more. It’s nice to work with someone who can help you see the bigger picture when you are just to close to it to see how it’s truly impacting your life, health, business, relationships, etc. Thanks for the important work you do in this world!

    • Karen G says:

      The key now may be to get ahead of your ‘But whens’. Do things before you have to. It is so hard because there are so many things vying for our time. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Having had to confront and transform several major health issues in my own life, I have really observed and studied what it is about us humans that has us ignore the warning signs and wait until the “acute” stage or diagnosis hits. As I know, each illness has a very specific personality type that could either stop them from taking action to improve their health or be the catalyst that has them finally do something about it. Human beings believe (even if on an unconscious level) that they are invincible and “that won’t happen to me”. Until it does. I believe the illnesses we manifest have a direct correlation to much more that just the physical level of our being. I also know the body is talking to us all the time and it is up to us to choose when to listen. Thanks for sharing this important post, Karen. Fascinating study on when people finally take responsibility for their health and make changes and choices they have been resisting.

    • Karen G says:

      Beverley, I can tell you have great insight in this area. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. After I had such a struggle to take my own health in my own hands, I am on a mission to help women take charge of their own health before a BIG ‘but when’ hits. I want them to have easier, smaller ‘but whens’ that move them to make health a priority.

  11. Kris Vaughan says:

    Oh, the “But When”. I call it the Ah Ha moment. Everyone has one and it’s so different for each person. Someone can hear the same information from several sources and still not hit their Ah Ha moment until years later. Keep putting your messages out there because you never know when someone will think But When I read that…

    • Karen G says:

      Yes, the Ah ha moment…it does and will happen to all of us, but I hope and prayer is the women have that moment when the consequences aren’t as big or as hard to change. I am on a mission. 🙂

  12. I lived the but when story and wished or explained away many of the symptoms I was experiencing. Unfortunately for many we put ourselves on the back burner and you just called us all out. Thanks for that because this is an important question and topic.

  13. Kara says:

    I agree with the but when.. syndrome. I love your point of how people wait on their health until there is a diagnosis. I also think it is important to note that you never had to change your health, you just had to pop pills to manage symptoms; that is so true of many of the conditions today. (My parents are convinced they have low cholesterol levels now because they take pills, yet neither has done much to change their diets)!

    • Karen G says:

      Yes, traditional medicine does not treat the cause, but manages the symptoms. So your parents my have “low cholesterol” according to the numbers, but whatever is causing their high cholesterol is still there and will manifest itself in another way soon or later.

  14. Kaye says:

    Great blog about health Karen. I don’t follow many health blogs but love your writing. It’s so true that people wait for the worst before changing their lifestyle and I’m probably a culprit of this too. It’s so important for us to really take advantage of and enjoy our good health as there are so many out there who would love to be in our position. Hope you can join us again next week for #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    • Karen G says:

      Thank you so much Kaye. I enjoy your #MarvMondays and plan to link up again. I appreciate your kind words. In this month of gratitude, it really is so important to be grateful for the health we do have. So many are worse off. Hugs.

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