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My Let’s Get Real Featured blogger this week is:

Blueberry Cobbler Cookie Dough Bites | @Healthy_Helper Soft cookie dough bites with the taste of fresh blueberry cobbler! Bursting with sweetness, rich in antioxidants, and full of cookie dough deliciousness. Vegan, gluten-free, and no added sugar!

I just had to pick Healthy Helper Blog post, “Blueberry Cobbler Cookie Dough Bites, since I just posted about taking energy balls with for healthy eating while traveling. The name sounds unhealthy, but just check out the ingredients.  I can’t wait to try these.  (I might add a little protein powder to them.)

3 Keys to Healthy Eating While Traveling

I recently took a road trip to attend a funeral 9 hours away.  It got me thinking, what do others do when they travel to stick to their healthy eating?  Here are the 3 keys I make sure I do before I travel, whether by car or bus. It allows me not to eat too much junk, then I feel my best while I am away from home.

3 Keys to Healthy Eating While Traveling | Inner Savvy Wellness

3 Keys to Healthy Eating While Traveling

3 Keys to Healthy Eating While Traveling | Inner Savvy Wellness

Prep Before You Go

Find a Hotel That Has a Fridge  Do your research when you are booking your hotel.  What will make it easier for you to eat healthy?  Having a fridge in your room, so you can keep food cool will help.  You can store fruit, cheese and even health meats in your fridge to have at the ready. Munchies happen a lot when I am out of my normal routine, so if I am going to snack, I want to have healthy, perishable food items handy.

Search for Health Food Stores or Grocery Store Near Where You are Staying  When you know where the nearest health food store is, you don’t have to take a lot of food with you.  A health food store or grocery store is usually one of my first stops when I get to my destination. Most health food stores can be a destination and fun to visit because of their atmosphere.  If you can’t find a health food store, at least find the nearest grocery store.  You can still purchase relatively healthy, easy foods to have with you.

Search for Restaurants in City on Your Route and Where You are Staying  When you are hungry and want to stop it is rare that a gas station will have anything healthy, although I did see apples, bananas, and cheese.  I even found a healthy coconut water. Know where the restaurants are and plan your stops to eat at a restaurant that has healthier choices.  Many food co-ops have delis where you can find amazing local food and produce to enjoy for a healthy eating meal.

3 Keys to Healthy Eating While Traveling | Inner Savvy Wellness

Take Food With You

Get a Travel Cooler or insulated Bag  Always take a cooler hat way you can take perishable foods with you. Freeze a couple of water bottles to help keep the rest of the food cool.  There are many cute insulated bags to purchase if you want to look stylish.

Pack Healthy Snacks  When you are on the go, it seems too easy to grab a candy bar or soda, but don’t. Those will just affect your blood sugar levels, and you won’t feel as good.  They even promote bloating.  Instead, think about what you normally snack on.  Things I like to take are fruit (bananas, apples, grapes, and even blueberries in a container), vegetables (cucumbers, carrots, beans, cauliflower, peppers), grass fed beef jerky, nuts in small bags, coconut flakes, dried mulberries, sunflower seeds, energy balls, and protein bars.  Travel always makes me feel munchy.  Also, when you stop at a rest area, it is a perfect time to stretch and have a small snack.

Take Water Bottle and Extra Water You never know what type of water you will find.  Most of the time I can’t stand the taste, let alone what chemicals are in the water. I take filtered or spring water in large containers along with glass water bottles that I can refill when I stop.  I can also have it by my bed to drink when I wake. Remember to stick with water unless you find a store that sells Kombucha, Kevita or Coconut Milk. Don’t forget to pay attention to the ingredients.  Some of the bottled brands contain high levels of sugars and extra additives.

Pack Tea and Large Mug I love to relax with a cup of tea.  I used to just drink the tea that was in the hotel room. It never fails to be caffeinated and not a very good quality.  Also, the cups are typically small. I like to make a 14-ounce cup of tea.  So I never fail to take tea bags and my mug. It allows me to relax after a long day.  Plus I can make my hot breakfast in it in the morning.

Pack a Healthy Breakfast  Healthy eating starts in the morning. The final thing I make sure I take is my breakfast.  Many hotels have free breakfast, but it usually is all carbs.  The yogurt is high sugar.  Sometimes you can find hard-boiled eggs and fruit, but that isn’t enough to keep me satisfied. Or breakfasts out can be also loaded with high carbs and bad fats. Now I take small bags with a half a cup of Hot and Nutty Cereal. Find the recipe on Carrie Brown’s sites. Most hotels have hot water available.  I just let it soak for about 20 minutes in my mug.  Not as cooked as I like at home, but it is still hot, tasty and satisfying.

Take Activated Charcoal  This isn’t healthy eating, but an important item to pack. Sometimes no matter how much you plan, you may end up eating foods you normally don’t eat. It can cause stomach distress.  I always take activated charcoal to help bind the toxins and move them out of my body quicker.

3 Keys to Healthy Eating While Traveling | Inner Savvy Wellness

Ask For What You Need at Restaurants.

Ask Yourself, What is the Healthiest Thing I Can Eat to Nourish My Body  Look through the menu while asking what is the best way to nourish yourself at this restaurant.  Remember that your body will be out of its normal routine when traveling.  Many people get constipated.  Don’t add to it by eating poorly.  Think, “I want to nourish my body when I eat this meal.” It will help you choose wisely.

Skip the Appetizer Even if It is Free  Many sit down restaurants offer free bread, popcorn or other high carb item.  Ask them not to bring it.  The appetizer menu is usually loaded with simple carbs and unhealthy items.  Skip order from that section of the menu.

When You are at a Restaurant Ask for Exactly What You Want. Most people think they have to order off the menu.  You don’t’ have to.  Almost all restaurants are willing to make substitutions.  Ask what they make things out of or cook them in. I find that most waitstaff are more than willing to help you enjoy your meal.  If you can’t find an entrée that works for you, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.  I have been known to just say, “I want a 1/4 pound hamburger, no bun, lettuce, tomato and a half an avocado, with two side veggies.”  Sometimes I have to pay just a little more, but a dollar or two is worth it to me.  I have even be known to just order healthy sides. Oh, one last note.  You probably will feel funny the first couple of times you do it, but it gets easier.  I usually make a joke about me being a difficult customer and from North Dakota. And don’t forget to leave a good tip when the wait person goes out of their way for you.

Ask for Two Vegetable Sides  As I mentioned above, don’t be afraid to ask for two sides of healthy vegetables. At home, I will eat veggies with grass-fed butter. Most restaurants don’t have grass-fed butter.  I will ask for butter anyway. My healthy eating isn’t perfect, but I figure that is still better than what I could be eating.

If It Won’t Derail You, Allow Yourself a Splurge, but only if it is something you absolutely will enjoy. I truly love cheesecake, but I rarely eat it.  However, if I am on a trip I will allow myself to eat a slice. I usually share it with someone.  But I only do that if it is a really good restaurant known for good cheesecake that I will love. I am not going to waste my splurge on a bad cheesecake.  What is it that you love to eat, but isn’t good for you?  Make sure it is something you love. Order it and enjoy.

I would love to hear what you do in order to eat healthy while traveling.  What do you do to prep, take with, and order at restaurants.  Tell me in the comments, what did I miss?

3 Keys to Healthy Eating While Traveling | Inner Savvy Wellness

If you aren’t a member of Savvy Circle, a private Facebook group for women over 40, why aren’t you? Find more tips for healthy eating, sleep, movement and self-care.

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Let’s Get Real Friday Party – #151

Hi everyone! It’s so good to see you again. Let’s get this party started. We are thrilled that you decided to link up with us this week. Let’s Get Real is a showcase for some of the best bloggers from across the world. We can’t wait to see what you have been working on this week. Make sure you share this party with your friends so that we can grow. Don’t keep us a secret!

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Develop Your Holistic Health Team

Your Holistic Health Team Panel Discussion | Inner Savvy Wellness
The Develop Your Holistic Health Team panel discussion is sponsored by the Bis-Man Holistic Practitioner Alliance.

Meet holistic health practitioners from the Bismarck-Mandan community when you join us for a panel discussion on what is holistic health, the importance of creating a team to support holistic health, what to ask potential health team members, and more.

I will be the panel moderator.  Would love to meet you, if you attend, so make sure you introduce yourself.

Panel Discussion is Free to the public, all are welcome.

Date: July 20, 2016
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Bis-Man Community Food Co-op, 711 E. Sweet Ave, Bismarck, ND (in the upstairs Community Room).

Develop Your Holistic Health Team | Inner Savvy Wellness

Your Holistic Health Team, is a collection of unique individuals with training to help you assess your state of health, determine your health goals and assist you in achieving the health you desire.

Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are your most valuable resources, just ask someone who is ill.  A myriad of stressors are working against your health; therefore, it is critical to assemble a health care team to ensure you have the resources needed to sustain and improve your health.

I know many of you will not be able to attend.  I would love to send you the Develop Your Holistic Health Team Handout pdf.  In it you will discover:

  • Steps to take to assemble your health team.
  • Questions to ask potential health team members.
  • Red flags to watch out for.
  • Practitioner ideas for your team.

Having the support you need for healthy living makes it more enjoyable and less confusing.  Start assembling your holistic health team today.

Get Assemble Your Holistic Health Team Pdf.

Develop Your Holistic Health Team | Inner Savvy Wellness


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Let’s Get Real Friday Party #150

Welcome! Let’s get this Friday started…… as always as early as we can. We are thrilled that you decided to link up with us this week. Let’s Get Real is a showcase for some of the best bloggers from across the world. We can’t wait to see what you have been working on this week. Make sure you share this party with your friends so that we can grow. Don’t keep us a secret!

Let's Get Real Friday Party

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Do You Want Functional Wellness?

Functional Wellness can help you live without symptoms that are common, but they are not normal, as well as help you feel energetic, healthy and ready to embrace life and all its ups and downs.

Do You Want Functional Wellness? | Inner Savvy Wellness
In order to know if you want functional wellness, you need to know what functional wellness is.  Here is my definition.

Functional wellness is wellness of the entire body…physical, mental, and spiritual… in an integrative, balanced approach, using lifestyle and environmental awareness and tools to allow you to thrive while enjoying daily functioning and responsibilities of your life.

Integrative means to unify separate things.  Functional wellness doesn’t just look at one part of the body or one symptom.  It is looking at the body as a whole, knowing all systems interact and work together to achieve homeostasis or balance.

The body is meant to function on all cylinders.  To be firing well. However, lifestyle choices and environment can slowly have an effect on the body’s functioning, good and bad.  This usually results in symptoms that many of us think are normal or a sign of aging. But is that true?  If symptoms are a sign of aging, wouldn’t everyone have the same symptoms and get those symptoms at the same age?  Symptoms are a sign that there is malfunctioning in the body.   Because the systems in the body are interconnected, a symptom can show up in one area, but the cause can be in another area.

Symptoms of fatigue, overweight, stomach upset, hot flashes, PMS, constipation and so much more may be a regular part of life in the developed world. Symptoms are common. However, symptoms aren’t normal. Symptoms are signs that the body is compensating for imbalances and metabolic chaos.

Do You Want Functional Wellness | Inner Savvy WellnessIf you are finding everyday tasks are getting more difficult to do, you do not have functional wellness. Evaluating and making lifestyle choices that can nourish the body can help move toward functional wellness.  Focus in these areas to make the most difference:

1) Food – Everything you put in your body either nourishes or hurts your body’s functioning.  I can help you learn to listen to your body, to know what is good for you and what might not be or what you might have a sensitivity to.  We all wish there was one way to eat for everyone, but we are all different. What each of us needs is different.  Changes to what you eat can help your body function better.

2) Sleep – Sleep is critical to our body’s ability to detoxify as well as rejuvenate and repair its cells. Cell damage or oxidation of cells slows the body’s ability to continue being in balance.  In my opinion, sleep and food are the two top areas to work on in order to move toward functional wellness.

3) Movement – Our bodies are not meant to be stationary.  We are meant to move, stretch, work.  When our bodies are static, gravity has a negative effect.  Movement is not just exercising for an extended period of time, but all the movements you do throughout the day. It is possible to move too little and too much.

4) Self-Care – Stress is the number one contributor to chronic illness.  Over 50% of all doctor visits are related to stress.  In our busy world, we tend to put ourselves last.  Finding ways to incorporate self-care into your life doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It should be fun and doable.

5) Supplementation – Taking supplements should be for three reasons a) Targeted therapy to support or stimulate a system or organ for a short period of time, b) Relief care to help with symptoms while making changes to lifestyle and allow time for the body to move toward balance. c) Maintenance because there are some vitamins and minerals the body just can’t get by diet and lifestyle choices, such as Vitamin D.

6) Environment – Getting rid of toxins that are harming your body is cumulative.  Anything you can eliminate that harms the body, can help your body more toward balance and functioning.

For functional wellness, we don’t treat symptoms but look to the whole body for clues. Plus I can help you have lab tests run to look at hormone and immune functions, digestive and detoxifying pathways, and energy systems. Then we can correlate the results with your symptoms and complaints in order to create a plan of action specific to you to help you move toward functional wellness.

Do You Want Functional Wellness? | Inner Savvy WellnessFunctional Wellness does take time and effort on your part. Working with me, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practioner, to achieve functional wellness is not for you if:

  1. You want a quick fix.  If you want to pop a pill to feel better today, only to have the symptom come back tomorrow and pop another pill.
  2. Your doctor is in charge of your health.  If you think only physicians have answers to your health problems, and that you aren’t responsible for your own health.
  3. You are ok with slowing down, having symptoms and aging like everyone else.
  4. You want to stay with the status quo.  You like what you eat, how much you sleep and move, and you don’t have time for self-care.  You are willing to take medications for any future illnesses as they come up rather than making changes.
  5. You aren’t interested in listening to and learning about your body.

Does working with me mean you will be cured or healed of all disease?  No. I am not a physician. I will never promise something I can’t do; however I can help you listen to your body, help you make changes to feel better than you do now, and help you know how to live your best, healthy life using your inner savvy. Our bodies are amazingly created, but things can go wrong. You can move toward homeostasis and balance.  I am just there to be your guide, you coach, your sounding board because there is so much confusing information out there. Motivation is usually the toughest part of making and sustaining changes.

If you are tired of not feeling your best, you are gaining a few pound each year, and you know something has to change. If you don’t want to let go of your dreams due to health issues for your best years that are yet to come. If you are motivated to learn and try new things. I would love to chat with you to see if you and I are a good fit to work together.

I only take a few clients at a time who are ready to do the work to achieve functional wellness. Is that you?  Schedule your Healthy Results Phone Session today for up to 20 minutes.  I will ask a few questions and answer any you might have as to what it is like to work with me, so you can have the information you need to decide if you are ready to move toward functional wellness.

Comment below if you believe there is such a thing in functional wellness.  Can you make a difference in your body’s health?

Do You Want Functional Wellness? | Inner Savvy Wellness

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Let’s Get Real Friday Party #149

Welcome! Let’s get this Friday started…… as always as early as we can. We are thrilled that you decided to link up with us this week. Let’s Get Real is a showcase for some of the best bloggers from across the world. We can’t wait to see what you have been working on this week. Make sure you share this party with your friends so that we can grow. Don’t keep us a secret!

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15 Ways to Break Your Daily Routine

Your daily routine is comforting and calming.  You know what needs to get done, and you do it.  Your life is structured. As you reach your forties and fifties your find your days settle into a pattern.  You have it all under control.

15 Ways to Break Daily Routine | Inner Savvy Wellness

I know for me, with my children growing up, they need me less, physically.  However, they still need me for support, an ear, and a meal.  Life has settled into a certain routine. I feel less hurried and crazy then I did when they were younger.  I like how my days flow.

However, there are days that feel, well, predictable.

I am a huge proponent of self-care.  Finding things you enjoy, then making time for them can make your days more interesting and enjoyable, as well as help your physical and mental health.

How about trying one of these ideas to take care of yourself and break out of your daily rut.

1. Take a Class
What have you always wanted to learn?  Do a Google search and find a class.  Not a college class with tests and studying, but something fun and interesting.  How about a cooking class, scrapbooking, coloring, bird watching, or whatever it is.  Find a class and register. If you can’t find one locally, search for an online class. Your imagination is your limitation.

2. Tour a Local Sight
Most of us “go” to see tourist sights far away from where we live. We have to plan a vacation to see it.  We tend to forget that there are fun and interesting things to see near where we live.  Take off early from work one day just to walk, learn and relax while seeing something others travel long distances to see.

3. Watch a Sunrise or Sunset
When was the last time you got up early to see the sunrise? When was the last time you just sat outside and watched the sun go down?  If you live in a big city, go to an open area to see the sun just above the horizon.  There is something about that time of day that can give you a feeling of all is right in the world.

15 Ways to Break Daily Routine | Inner Savvy Wellness
4. Restart an Old Hobby
Hobbies are a time for you to be creative and relaxed.  You may have scrapbooked when the kids were little but stopped because of lack of time  Pull out a few photos and create a layout.  Maybe you used to knit or sew.  Did you collect stamps? Read?  What hobby did you love? Try it again.

15 Ways to Break Daily Routine | Inner Savvy Wellness
5. Take a Photography Walk
Grab your camera or smart phone and go for a walk.  Take a walk during lunch to someplace different, paying attention to nature, flowers, or architecture around you. Use your photos as a screen saver or print them out and hang in your office.

6. Go to a Coffee Shop & Read a Good Book
Find a local coffee shop that you haven’t been to in a while. Take a good book. Find a comfy chair and read.  No guilt, just get away and let yourself relax.

7. Try a Different Exercise
It doesn’t have to be hard, but if you normally do aerobic exercise, try strength training or yoga.  Switch it up. You can find almost anything on YouTube. Do a search and try something new.

8. Sign up for a Fun Run
With summer comes Fun Run fundraisers.  Find a friend and sign up for one.  Just a 5K.  You can do it.  Get some exercise, outside time and do something good for a worthy cause.

9. Volunteer
I find that most people think they can only volunteer if they sign up for a regular volunteer schedule.  Not the case. Many local agencies need one-time help.  Ask at the library if you could sort books for their next used book sale. Stop by at a food bank and tell them you have a couple of hours and see what they have for you to do. Giving of your time…you get more in return than what you give. Try and see for yourself.

15 Ways to Break Daily Routine | Inner Savvy Wellness
10. Go for a Hike
What trail haven’t you tried before?  Go to your local tourist guide center, pick up a map, and try a new trail.  If you live in a city, find a new walking tour.  Just getting out can make you feel more alive.

11. Visit a Park, Garden or Arboretum
Most cities spend local tax dollars on parks or public gardens to beautify the city.  Go spend some time there. You could combine this with your photography walk.

12. Eat Dinner Someplace Else in Your Home
If you normally eat at the dinner table, eat on the couch while listening to music.  If you normally eat in a chair, throw a blanket on the floor and have dinner picnic style.  Normally eat on dinner plates, use paper plates.  Switching it up can make it feel special.

13. Schedule a Massage, Pedicure or Infrared Sauna
Doing something to make yourself feel pretty, relaxed or detoxed can help your frame of mind.  What do you love to do? Go, do it.

14. Take an Epsom Salt Bath
Yes, bubbles are fun, but put Epsom salt in your bath instead, turn down the lights, and play some soft music.  Detox and relax.  You deserve it.

15. Have Sex
Studies show that the frequency of sex for most women slows down after 40.  Yet, sex has many health benefits.  Plus it helps you reconnect with your spouse. Plan a relaxing and sexy evening with him.

Routine is good. Our brains crave routine, so it doesn’t have to exert as much energy. But take a day this a week and find a way to break up your routine. It is good for reducing stress and feeling your best.  You are at a stage in life where you can and should take time for you.

Tell me what you like to do to break up your daily routine.

15 Ways to Break Daily Routine | Inner Savvy Wellness

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Lets Get Real Friday Party – #148

Welcome! Let’s get this Friday started…… as always as early as we can. We are thrilled that you decided to link up with us this week. Let’s Get Real is a showcase for some of the best bloggers from across the world. We can’t wait to see what you have been working on this week. Make sure you share this party with your friends so that we can grow. Don’t keep us a secret! Read more

Willpower Buffered for Healthy Living by Doing This One Thing

More willpower is something many people feel they need in order to eat healthy, exercise and lose weight.  If I told you there was one thing you could do to increase your self-control, would you do it?

Do This One Thing to Stop the Loss of Willpower | Inner Savvy Wellness
I don’t believe willpower is the only thing that helps you live a healthy life.  Strong chemical cravings, emotions, stress, and habits all play a part in why you choose to eat junk food or sit in front of the tv.  However, willpower can help move you forward in your healthy living journey.

Willpower is your ability to control yourself.  Having self-control is similar to a muscle in that it can become exhausted when it is used.  The more you make decisions of any kind throughout the day, the more likely you will have less willpower as the day goes on…ever wonder why evenings seem to be hardest for most people to eat well?

Scientific studies typically focus on what decreases self-control such as making decisions, but it rarely looks at what might strengthen willpower.

I came across this study, Personal Prayer Buffers Self-Control Depletion.

We know there are many benefits of personal prayer. People who pray tend to be more forgiving, kinder, and feel less stress, but now this study states that it can increase your self-control.

This study didn’t give a reason for why that might be, but I can tell you in my own personal experience, the more I prayer, the more I learn to let go of my need to be in control.  The first two-thirds of my life I planned, organized, moved, and gave orders to make sure I had everything under control.  But what I have realized is that I am never in control.  God is in control. He allows me the illusion of control.

In my prayer time as I have drawn closer to God, I am able to let go. I used to pray more with petition…asking for things. Now as trust in God’s divine omnipotence grows, I spend more time in adoration and thanksgiving.  I can let things happen as they are meant to happen.  Don’t get me wrong, I still plan, organize and move. I still ask for things, however, it is with the thought that I must do what I can, and God will handle the rest.

When I start my day in prayer, I feel less stressed, I feel kinder, and I am more forgiving because I trust that things will work out the way they are meant to work out.  I guess I have let go of much of my self-control.

The paradox is that the more I let go, the more strength I seem to have. I can control my desires. Oh, I am far from where I want to be, but I do see the progress and feel the reduction in stress and worry.

There you have it, the one thing you can do to increase your willpower is to spend time in prayer.

Do you pray? Do you think prayer can increase your willpower? Tell me in the comments when and how you pray?

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